Friday, October 31, 2014

Dudley Do-Right Likes Beer! Happy Halloween, Eh!

I love my neighbors to the north.  That would be Canada, eh.  They really know how to incentivize good civic behavior.  Such is the story of this man, a modern day Dudley Do-Right who put himself in harms way to protect Canadian Parliament from an armed gunman.
 "Canadian mounted, baby, a police force that works..."  Alain Gervais, a government security guard, was rewarded for his heroism with...  A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF BEER!  And just in time for the holiday season, too!
The Obama Administration should take note of this, since a guy recently jumped the White House fence, sprinted past the guards, and made it all the way into the White House with a knife.  How he managed to do that when an old guy like me was getting assholed around by Secret Service just for standing on the sidewalk by the Eisenhower building this summer is beyond me.  More amazing is that it happened a second time weeks later.  Both men were returning U.S. Army veterans.  But that's beside the point.  Maybe instead of making our returning vets wait for months to receive critical services due to the backlog scandal at the Veterans Administration we should do as the Canadians do and give them all free beer for life.
That would certainly take the edge off of Gulf War Syndrome.  Then again I would much prefer that the U.S. government stops treating the American military as a mercenary force for some New World Order so international banking interests can profit while the American taxpayer foots the bill.  And don't fucking tell me I don't support the troops!  Most of them that I've talked don't understand what they Hell they are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan anyway.  Bring The Boys Back Home!  And give them free beer!  The way to fight fundamental Islamic terrorists is to send American hard core bands to the Middle East.

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