Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ebola: Did Dallas Nurse Have One of These?

The CDC is taking heat for blaming America's first case of ebola transmission on the Dallas nurse who caught it, saying it was a "protocol breach" of protective gear.  CDC Director Tom Friedman, might want to look in the mirror when it comes to protocol breaches.  Ebola is a  Bio-Safety Level 4 pathogen.  In addition to Dallas, hospitals in Seattle, Omaha, Washington, and Boston either have or are preparing to take ebola patients.  I don't think any of them look like this:  Popular Mechanics magazine took us inside a BSL4 facility in 2007 (notice PM in '07 mentions that ebola could even spread with a sneeze).
BSL4 protocol checklist....   Vacuum sealed suits?  Nope.  Building in a building?  Nope.  Compression chamber?  Nada.  Separate HEPA filter HVAC system that removes everything down to .0003 microns?  Nyet.  Separate water decon system?  Absent.  Okay...  So who's breaching protocol, Mr. Friedman?  According the CDC's own BSL standards checklist, it doesn't even appear that BSL2 was reached at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

The U.S. has on-base hospital facilities that are heavily defended with controlled entry and exit points.  Ebola cases from Africa need to be flown to a central location, preferably an airbase, where the best possible hospital conditions can be established.  Similarly, all passengers arriving in the U.S. from ebola affected regions in Africa should be routed through a single USAF base for screening.  Similar mothballed facilities outside the U.S. could be dedicated to implement a similar process for European countries.  Breaking the natural barriers of oceans to bring a BSL4 pathogen to unequipped hospitals is just plain stupid.  Read this scary interview with Dr. Peter Piot who discovered ebola.
As it is, the policy of the Obama Administration and the Center for Disease Control seems to be Spreading the Disease.

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