Monday, September 29, 2014

The Goldman Sachs Finger - In Your Face!

The latest revelation of just how corrupt the investment banking sector has become comes from another another Angel named Carmen Sagarra, one Federal Reserve Bank regulator embedded at Goldman Sachs who has revealed how Fed regulators look the other way when it comes to Wall Street corruption.  Like Sibel Edmonds, she's smart, sexy, honest, and being crucified for doing the right thing.  I wish I had a swimsuit calendar full of girls like this.

As Bloomberg and other financial news outlets report, Sagarra was alarmed at the level of collusion and lax regulation that Fed employees were giving Goldman Sachs.  So she went all Bond Girl on them and started recording the meetings, uncovering Enron-like soundbites such as, "Once clients are wealthy enough, certain consumer laws don't apply to them."  Instead of saying something like, Wait just a fucking minute, you hedge fund cunt, slime bag piece of shit, her fellow regulators would say to Carmen, "You didn't hear that."  Pulling a gig where acting like a regulatory whore meant one day swallowing some of the Goldman lucre, honesty only led to Carmen's termination and another nail in the coffin of market efficiency theory.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Prof. Zeke Emanuel, Obamacare Policy Wonk, Thinks People Should Die By Age 75

"In a time when no man could just do alright and get by...  To make way for the new, the old had to die!  It was crazy.  It was crazy!"--Sammy Hagar from "Spaceage Sacrifice" by Montrose

One of the self-ordained central planners of globalism, Prof. Zeke Emanuel, who is also one of the main architects of so-called Obamacare in the U.S., has penned a rather lengthy op-ed in The Atlantic magazine.  The article is titled, "Why I Hope To Die at 75."  The University of Pennsylvania MD and PhD is currently 57 and presumably has a rather lucrative pension and retirement to look forward to, but he seems to feel that his quality of life will not be sufficient to enjoy the good life that keeps guys like Warren Buffet, 84, or Henry Kissinger, 91, going at a ripe old age.  Hey, to each their own.  I hope Zeke has a heck of party before he puts himself out of misery.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Scotland's Valient Stand

The last few days have been a tornado of news and opinion on the loss of the "Yes" campaign for Scottish independence.  It's an unfortunate outcome, but one that sends a message, no matter how much the political elite of the UK and western world wish to ignore it.  The 45% "Yes" vote is a significant rebuke of federalism and globalism.  The New York Times even went so far as to publish an editorial citing the Global Crisis of the Elites.  Of course, if you read my previous blog post about Henry Kissinger's new book, "World Order," those same global elites really think the answer is to shift more power to regional governments and supra-sovereign trade organizations like the hideous Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which is secretly being negotiated by the Obama Administration and the EU.  Scotland sent a loud and proud message to the globalist elite.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another Lame Duck Swan Song from Henry Kissinger

"For God's sake, how many swan songs can a lame duck deliver?"--Henry Kissinger quoted in Rolling Stone (1977)  regarding the number of farewell ceremonies he had to deliver.

Kissinger just released his latest pontification on how to achieve a "new world order" in his latest book called--wait for this--World Order.  You can read Henry's own press release in the Wall Street Journal or you can read Hillary Clinton praising this warmonger in the Washington Post.  If the book is anything like Hillary and Henry's previews, it should largely read like a piece of fiction.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Joan Rivers 'Throat Wide Shut'

Comedy fans throughout the world mourn the death of Joan Rivers, the woman who almost trumped Jay Leno to replace Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show.  Last night I was watching the opening game of the NFL season as the Seattle Seahawks mauled the Green Bay Packers when there was this announcement for some TV show (paraphrasing):  "...Joan Rivers dies due to complications with her throat."  That's an odd way of saying it.  In fact, it had a certain eerie, Eyes Wide Shut quality to it.