Sunday, September 21, 2014

Scotland's Valient Stand

The last few days have been a tornado of news and opinion on the loss of the "Yes" campaign for Scottish independence.  It's an unfortunate outcome, but one that sends a message, no matter how much the political elite of the UK and western world wish to ignore it.  The 45% "Yes" vote is a significant rebuke of federalism and globalism.  The New York Times even went so far as to publish an editorial citing the Global Crisis of the Elites.  Of course, if you read my previous blog post about Henry Kissinger's new book, "World Order," those same global elites really think the answer is to shift more power to regional governments and supra-sovereign trade organizations like the hideous Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which is secretly being negotiated by the Obama Administration and the EU.  Scotland sent a loud and proud message to the globalist elite.

Scotland even had its own taste of the hard ball election tactics we've come to expect in the U.S.  First, there was a late campaign media blitz to scare voters away from independence by predicting catastrophic market disruptions and draconian border controls between England and Scotland.  Then there were accusations of voter fraud leveled against the "No" Campaign.  And of course, British Prime Minister Cameron made a lot of empty promises for political reforms.  Amazingly there were no exit polls and three internationally accredit election observers from Russia said the vote count did not meet international standards.  Even Queen Elizabeth made public a veiled warning to all uppity Scotsmen about voting yes.  Taken together, it would hardly seem that the UK's ruling class in London ever intended to respect the outcome of the vote, and it's reasonable to say that these tactics could have changed the outcome of the close election.

The true tally of Scotland's vote for independence was almost certainly closer than the polls indicated and that sends a strong message, not only to London, but to the rest of the global elite that the pressure is building and they ignore the need for local governments to correct for the imbalances imposed by globalism at their own risk.

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