Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Casting Day at the American Political Theater

Ah, it's Election Day in the U S of A.  This is the day that Americans head to the polls to choose the actors for many roles in the political theater to follow for the next two years.  For WARRiors who click through from foreign lands, and for those Americans who still don't get it, the way this works in most states is you go to a polling station and enter your vote on an electronic voting device that is produced by private corporation with proprietary software that the public isn't allowed to inspect, don't have to produce auditable paper receipts, and are notoriously vulnerable to hacking, which has led many cases of vote tally irregularities since Bush pushed for the Help America Vote Act.
Electronic voting is definitely easier than the kind of skullduggery that the CIA used to get Buddhist-monk-killer Ngo Dihm Diem elected Prez of Vietnam in 1955 or the FNLA in Angola in 1964.  ...Not to mention all the trouble Jeb must have gone through to get his lil' bro' in office in 2000 by purging blacks from the voter rolls, or the strange case of ballot paper switch that led to the hanging chad fiasco.  Unfortunately, it most probably means that American democracy has been hijacked in the last few elections, according to professors from University of Pennsylvania and UC Berkeley among others.  No wonder so many people in the U.S. are completely fed up with Congress going into this election.  They don't respond to what the voters want, because the voters aren't the ones who put them in office.

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