Sunday, August 31, 2014

Killing Herself To Live

Here is a sad story about Maria, a 32 year old woman who was working four jobs to make ends meet and literally died of exhaustion.  It makes me think of the Black Sabbath song Killing Yourself To Live.  "You work your life away and what do they give?  You're only killing yourself to live!   ...Never give your trust away, you'll end up paying 'til your dying day!"

I wonder how many Maria's there are in the much touted "economic recovery" that is being cited to justify draconian actions like the elimination of federal unemployment benefits and food assistance (more on that some other time).  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics there are about 6.8 million multiple job holders, or about 4.6% of the workforce.  Now I understand some of that is from people who switch jobs in the month or choose to take on extra contract work to earn more, but I'm quite certain the great majority are compelled by financial necessity.  They quite literally work their fingers to the bone.

Despite her hardship, the article describes Maria has having been a positive and popular young lady who immigrated to America from Portugal to find a better life.  She's the kind of immigrant we should be doing a better job to identify and welcome to our country.  Unfortunately, her pursuit of the American dream literally killed her.  Rest in peace, Maria.  This one's for you...

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Xandra said...

Well said. The attitude some in this country have towards the poor as "lazy" is shown for how incorrect it usually is in Maria's pushing herself so much. Yes, there are poor people who are just riding on the system but the majority are working hard just to barely make ends meet.